Important dates:
April 28th: Half day (no aftercare!)
Beauty and the Beast play.
April 29th: Spring play
May 3rd: Pre-K/ Kindergarten class trip
May 9th: School closed
May 19th: Variety Show 7 p.m.
May 26th: Field day, family picnic (half day- no aftercare)
May 29th: Memorial Day ( school closed)

April/May Birthdays:
Ms.Pazar- 4/29
Elijah- 4/30
Tommaso- 5/24

Recommended Readings:
I Can Read Series: First book, Shared Book, Level 1
Dr.Seuss books: Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, Left and Right, A-Z Book etc.
Lama Lama Series: Lama Lama; Red pajama, My momma's a Lama etc.
Mo Willems: Elephant and pig series
Fly Guy: Hi Fly Guy #1
David Shannon: No David Series

April/May Sight Words:
Very    Because
Him   They
Have  Her
If   Dad
Mom  Eat
Came  Those
More  Less
Could  Happy

April/May Word Families:
OB- blob, mob, glob, bob, rob, slob, snob, job.
OT- cot, dot, not, plot, got, hot, tot, jot
IN- bin, chin, tin, pin, grin, twin, fin, win
UG- bug, jug, lug, dug, rug, mug, hug, tug