November 16th, 2014

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We celebrated MatthewCanDo's birthday on Friday while learning about 6 and 7. 

We also took some well deserved time to play with "playdough". 

 Dress Down & Bake Sale

Monday is a Dress Down Day and Bake Sale,

HSA Meeting

This Tuesday night is a mandatory HSA Meeting beginning at 6:30 p.m.  You can find the complete  flyer in the Family Folder.  Even though your oldest child may be 5 or 6 years old right now it is never too soon to be educated about the internet.  As a parent of teenagers, I highly recommend everyone taking advantage of this opportunity.  As you can see below, as part of the flyer,  you can also bring a friend.  

A Parents Road Map to Protecting Their Children

In an effort to educate and empower parents to keep a better watch over their children, the following presentation is being offered.  During this 90-minute presentation, parents and community members will learn of the following danger areas:


• Online Sexual Predators Lurking in Homes

• Access to Pornography – Intentional and Unintentional

• Bullying – Legislation Repercussions

• Online Aggression (Cyber Bullying) – What to do if your child is the victim or the aggressor

• Dangers of Posting Personal Data and Online Stalking (Think Before You Allow Your Child to Post) 

After being made aware of the dangers, parents will learn the tools presented to parents are the following:


• Technology Monitoring Options (Computer and Mobile Phone) – Keeping an Eye On Your Childs Online Activity Designing Appropriate Usage of Technology for Your Family

• Dealing with Psychological Repercussions of Exposure and Constant Connectedness

• Techniques for Communicating With Children about Technology Dangers

• What To Do If You Have an Incident – Where to Go for Help


ü  Date: November 18, 2014

ü  Location: St. Leo’s Gym

ü  Time: 6:30 pm

ü  Length: 90 - 120 minutes with time allotted for question

You can also learn all about the speaking by looking at the Family Folder

Thanksgiving Feast

Our class will be having our traditional Thanksgiving Feast next Wednesday, November 26th which is a 12:30 dismissal.  We ask parents to donate traditional items.  There will be a notice going home this week regarding donations.