September 23, 2014

posted Sep 23, 2014, 6:05 PM by Unknown user
We practiced our first school wide fire drill yesterday.  We were told by Ms. Koval that we did an awesome job! She could tell that we had been practicing!  We have also practiced for a Lock Down Drill after reading the story Lia Ria and the Lock Down Drill.

We visited the Science Lab today during Science and investigated all kinds of things including some that were living.  Mr. Falletti has turtles, fish, a tarantula and a frog among other things.  We are learning all about inquiry skills in science.

We are close to adding to our class pets.  Four cotton balls away from bringing in our hermit crab!

Please be sure to keep checking the Family Folder and become familiar with our Parent/Student Handbook.  The Handbook can be found on our website under Admissions.

In regard to the dress code,  please remember that only school sweaters can be worn in the classroom.  We have been doing a good job with that so far.  Once again, please make sure names are on all articles of clothing.  If you do end up with someone else's sweatshirt or sweater please send it back to class.

One last thing, headbands.  You can see in the Handbook only school issued headbands should be worn.  No bows, flowers or glitter.

Thank you for your cooperation!!!!